I believe that nurses in this age of technology and information will not thrive by simply mastering facts. We need to be real world problem solvers and critical thinkers who are able to understand how to access and manipulate all kinds of information in incredibly fast and flexible ways in order to thrive today and in the future. My role as a facilitator is to not only communicate new information to students but to teach them how to think and process new information. I also believe that this process should be made enjoyable for the student and the teacher.

To develop critical thinkers and conceptual learners I have developed the Concept Organizer which is a Conceptual Clinical Judgement Tool to guide the thinking process. I developed the tool because I was just as frustrated as the students in my classes at the lack of know how and organization in note taking and putting together the all important concepts that all nurses need to know.

All of nursing can be summed up in 2 words – Nursing Process. Everything a successful nurse does starts and ends with the nursing process. You probably have a picture or know of a nurse that you would aspire to be – I guarantee that nurse does not have a ton of facts memorized. That nurse know concepts and how to apply them. To help you to be the nurse with the know how and knowledge to be a great nurse I developed the Concept Organizer. This tool uses the nursing process to take you away from memorization and into knowing. You will be better prepared for class, exams, clinical, and providing great care to patients.

As a nurse educator, I can spot a well prepared student from a mile away. And, it is not the student with notebooks of notes. It is the student that has taken the information and organized it using the nursing process. A well prepared student knows what to do with the information they are learning and has made connections. When you use The Concept Organizer, you organize the information to make the important connections.

I live for the light bulb! For that moment when the student steps to the edge of confusion and crosses into knowing. To me, one of the most pleasurable moments in the teaching experience is as I watch the student learn and feel confident in what they know.

About me:

In 2017 I was honored to receive the Altman Award for excellence in education.

Education: I am an RN with a BS (Biology), MS (Exercise Physiology), and a MSN/ED (Nursing with an emphasis in education) degrees. I obtained my first Master’s Degree in a typical “brick and mortar” setting. My Master’s in nursing was completed through online learning. I have my Doctorate in Higher Education and Organizational Change. My dissertation topic was Faculty to Faculty Incivility and Work Effort.

Nursing Career: Most of my nursing career has been spent working in various aspects of the Cardiology field from floor nursing, to CCU, to transplant, cardiac rehabilitation, clinic, and home care. I have spent over a decade in nursing education.

Teaching Career: I have taught in nursing since 2008 starting in a Certified Nursing Program. I also teach in an Associate Degree and Masters nursing program.

Personal: I have been married for 30 years and have two boys age 24 and 22 and one dog. My family and I live in the country where we hunt, fish, and spend a lot of time in the out of doors. I am a PADI certified SCUBA diver and dive when and where ever I can.


  • Movie: Ruthless People and The Notebook
  • Book: The Red Tent and Nineteen Minutes
  • Food: Grilled Salmon with dill and caper sauce
  • Sporting Event: Football and Men’s Hockey

Can’t Live Without: My Iphone…oops, and my family!

Happy Learning


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